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A plain CRM is not going to cut it! You need a trusted data foundation for your business, built for customer relationships. Quickly access and easily action on centralized data in order to drive growth and monetize customer lifetime value.


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Collect your Customer  Data

Collect your Customer Data

A CDP is your company's data command center, where every piece of customer information is stored and accessible. It's like having a personal dossier for each customer.

First party data collection from any source like In store, Via QR Code or URL,On your website, On Instagram , POS system and more.

Sync your Customer  Data

Sync your Customer Data

Once your CDP consolidates all your company’s data and establishes customer identities, Zithara.AI helps -

Unify these identities across devices

Connecting identity details from known customers (like email addresses and phone numbers)

Assimilate anonymous data they might have shared before becoming customers (such as cookies and mobile device IDs) from offline and online channels.

Synthesize  your customer Data

Synthesize your customer Data

With CDP create a fully unified customer profile.

Develop the profile of each customer: first name, birthday, favorite product, preferences, Know your customers and their habits Offer your customers an experience as unique as your brand

Activate that data for real-time personalization on choice channels like whatsapp, Email, and SMS with the right message.

Turn them into loyal customers using Loyalty programs , as they were invented to keep your customers coming back for more.

Know your customers

Know your customers

A Zithara.AI CDP centralizes customer data, serving as a valuable source for assessing the impact and effectiveness of your marketing efforts to help you prove a hunch, nail a pitch. or predict future and more.

To gain insights

Segment customers

Create look a like audiences

Track ROI

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